Move, Look, and Feel Better

You can get fit after 40 without all the bullshit. I’ll show you the way.

The Framework


No dogma: Learn what food works best for your body, through eating slowly and building awareness.

Be proactive: Take the time to meal prep, have a game plan when eating out, and snack smart to avoid overeating.

Track food and drink intake: Build awareness through tracking food and drinks so you know what works and what doesn’t.


Move: Find ways to move more, avoid sitting as much as you can, and make being active a part of your lifestyle.

Strengthen: Combine smart strength training with quality movement to stress your body in the right ways. This will both build strength and boost your metabolism.

Find an active passion: Find physical activity that you enjoy doing. It’s far easier to get moving when you want to move.


Get clear: Why do you want what you want? Get clarity on your why and consistent action will follow.

Sleep well: Optimize sleep with a specific night time routine. Use rules to create habits.

Manage stress: Use breathing, yoga, meditation, walking, salt water, or nature to manage your stress.

Best Workouts for Men Over 40

Looking to lose weight and stay fit after 40, you’ve found the right place. Get custom strength workouts, mobility routines, and nutrition targets delivered to you based on your goals: 

    • Daily workouts delivered via a simple online platform
    • Simple nutrition habits and daily check-ins
    • Personal coaching and detailed progress checking
    • Small yet powerful habits to improve everyday life

About Nick Holt

I'm Nick Holt and I'm here to show you that getting older doesn't have to suck!

Now it will for sure suck if you don't do anything about it, but I believe you can get stronger, leaner, and feel better in your body as you age. 

I've done it myself and have helped hundreds of other guys do it as well. 

After 7 years working in the corporate world, I found surfing and it changed my life. I moved to Costa Rica over 12 years ago and started a personal training business. I was fortunate enough to grow the business into a #1 attraction in a small tourist town called Tamarindo where I still live today.

With almost 30 years experimenting on myself and over a decade training and coaching men, I’ll show you the path forward to getting and staying fit as you get older.

I have a degree from Emory University and am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Level 2 Precision Nutrition Coach, and a Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist (FRC-ms).

“The results have been astounding! In the last 10 years, I’ve tried numerous things to drop these 20 lbs. With Nick, I was able to do it! As a result my clothes fit better, my confidence and energy are through the roof.”

Patrick, 38

“I lost 6% body fat and 6 total inches from my body in 30 days. But what I loved the most about the program is that I now have a plan going forward to keep as fit as I want to — thanks Nick!”

Steve, 44