Unlock Your Body

Reduce back pain, increase flexibility, and feel better in less than 5 mins a day

Hey! My name is Nick Holt 

I ditched my corporate finance job 10 years ago, moved to the beach in Costa Rica and started a personal training business, Nick Holt Fitness.

I’ve now spent over a decade training and coaching men to help them feel, move, and look better as they get older. My goal is to provide no BS advice on how to get fit and stay fit as we age.

I believe we all have the right to feel good in our bodies and do the things in our life that give us joy without being limited by pain, low energy, or body fat.  Getting fit after 40 is 100% possible, you just need to focus on the right things and avoid common mistakes. I’m glad you’re here and I’m stoked to show you the path to feeling and looking the best you have in years!

I have a degree from Emory University and am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Level 2 Precision Nutrition Coach, and a Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist (FRC-ms).