How 3 Principles of Wealth Can Improve Your Health


How can lessons on wealth benefit your health? Well, let’s start with one huge thing they both have in common: short-term, quick fixes are bad ideas in both.

In finance, they’ll probably leave you “broke.” In fitness, they’ll most likely leave you “broken.”

To add more detail: chase risky, high-return investments without proper knowledge and you’ll most likely end up broke.

Well, it’s the same with your health. Engage in high-intensity workouts as a man over 40 with nagging injuries and you could very easily break yourself.

Here are three ways your knowledge of finance can help you crush your fitness goals.

Let’s apply the principles of creating wealth to improving your health.

Here we go!

1) Master the Basics and Avoid Shiny Objects

In the world of wealth, compound interest is king. Get started early, put your money into low-cost ETFs, and let it grow. Avoid shiny objects and distractions, like trying to beat the market or other high-risk investments.

In the worlds of fitness and health, be RUTHLESS with the basics. Find meaningful movement daily to strengthen your body, prioritize your sleep, and don’t eat like an asshole, and you’ll have a solid foundation of health you can build off.

Avoid the shiny objects here too. Fad diets, detoxes, and extreme workout trends are shiny, distractible, and useless to actual progress.

2) Get Clear and Focus On Your Goals

Think about your money for a sec. What are you saving or investing for?

Your answer determines your path. Buying a house in the next five years will require a different strategy than saving for retirement.

You must define what financial success looks like to YOU, and then focus like hell on achieving that success.

In the fitness world, the same questions apply.

What are you trying to do with your body? Losing 10-20 pounds will require different actions than looking to finish a 10k.

Again, define what the ideal body for YOU is like. What are the things you want to do with a fully functioning, capable body? Identify that, then ruthlessly focus on attaining it.

This goal clarity reveals the steps and actions you should take towards your goal. When you have this clarity, you’ll execute more often and make progress quicker.

3) Hire Experts

You might be able to study how to best invest your money, or research what workout program will deliver the best results for you, but the smartest people in the world…

…the ones who want only the best results…

…have one thing in common:

They hire experts.

They save time, money and frustration this way. These experts have been there before and can guide people on the best path forward, given the inevitable shit storms life loves to throw at us.

You’ll have some bad luck. Your timing might be off. People will be shitty to you. You’ll most likely deal with set backs along the way.

Shit happens.

But having someone in your corner who knows these obstacles and can help you get back on track when you veer off-course, will make all the difference in the long run.

To Conclude

If you look at the wealthy and healthy among us, most have three things in common:

They master the basics, they know what they want, and they hire others to help them achieve their goals.

Now, if your goal is to feel or look better in your body as a 40 or 59-year-old man, here are few ways I can help.

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